Announcing Searchix: Nix ecosystem search

I decided to create a search tool for NixOS, nix-darwin and home-manager options and packages, potentially with more sources to come.

I called it Searchix

For NixOS options and packages, already exists (and works better than Searchix), whereas for home-manager and nix-darwin, I couldn’t manage to find a web-based search tool that’s still online1. So I wrote one.

What I’m happy about with it is that it doesn’t require JavaScript, but, if it’s enabled, makes things a little bit better. It’s only my second project in Golang, so I still have things to learn, but I definitely think I will enjoy using this language further.

It still has quite a bit of room for improvement, but I’ve been using it quite a lot recently, which leads me to think that other people might like to use it, too.

If anyone would like to contribute, raise an issue, or host an instance themselves, the project site and source code are on

  1. I found Home Manager Option Search after I started this project, but nothing for nix-darwin. ↩︎